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We provide the following services and more in all 50 states.

Augmented Staffing and Recruiting Services

Augmented staff are capable of so much more than just operator duties and maintenance functions! For your capital projects a candidate with an operation or maintenance background can bring a valuable perspective in order to better assist your team.

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Operations & CIP Support

OTS has the ability to augment Operational staffing and provide Capital Improvement Project Support. When your staffing is low, OTS will recruit and provide operators to augment your low staffing. This is also true with CIP projects, if your operations staffing is low and cannot review CIP, PID’s create SOP’s or make sure that submittals are reviewed, then augmentation is the answer for you.

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Emergency Response and Recovery Operations

Suffering from an Act of God?  Operators and Maintenance Staff can be brought in to augment current staff that are at home making sure that their families are safe and cared for.  OTS Staff can be mobilized quickly and with the right hardware can have water and wastewater systems up and running in no time.

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Construction and Engineering Support

For engineering projects, especially treatment process updates, OTS has specialized staff that have been through process startups that can provide valuable insight, so that time, resources and rate payers dollars are not wasted due to unfamiliarity with a new system.

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