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OTS is a specialty recruiting, staffing and consulting company. It was founded in 2020 to meet the needs of the water utility industry when it came to finding qualified, certified staff for Clients in need of quality personnel.  OTS has a team of highly experienced recruiters that are capable of finding excellent candidates.

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Our Services

We provide the following services and more in all fifty states.
Augmented Staffing and Recruiting

Our dedicated recruiters along with the OTS process make sure that you receive the most qualified candidate for the position. At OTS we strive to provide you with the best customer service which will allow you to best serve your rate payers!

Operations and CIP Support

Augmented staff are capable of so much more than just operator duties and maintenance functions! For your capital projects a candidate with an operation or maintenance background can bring a valuable perspective in order to better assist your team.

Emergency Response and Recovery Operations

Suffering from an Act of God?  Operators and Maintenance Staff can be brought in to augment current staff that are at home making sure that their families are safe and cared for.  OTS Staff can be mobilized quickly and with the right hardware, can have water and wastewater systems up and running in no time.

Construction and Engineering Support

For engineering projects, especially treatment process updates, OTS can provide specialized staff with relevant experience. OTS has staff members that have been through process startups that are able to provide valuable insights so that time, resources and rate payer’s dollars are not wasted.

Our Clients

We service all forms of Client: Private Utility, Public Utility, Engineering Firms, Refineries, Breweries, Steel Company’s, all industries that need water/wastewater operations.

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Industry Organizations We Partner With

We service all forms of Client: Private Utility, Public Utility, Engineering Firms, Refineries, Breweries, Steel Company’s, all industries that need water/wastewater operations.

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Our Customers' Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it, see what our customers have to say about us

"Saying OTS has helped me to find high value employers in the fields and locations I truly desired would be an understatement. The most valued part of the service for me, is their ability to expedite the process connecting me with the employer, which has saved me enormous amounts of time and energy. Richard has provided me with the best customer service I have received from any business, work related or not. He has gone way above and beyond my expectations to provide the help and information I requested, and continually kept me updated throughout the process. Can't say enough about Richard and OTS! Thank you!"

Anthony Epolito
Wastewater Operator

“Hannah has always been upfront about job opportunities and she is always willing to help when I need assistance on logistics that I don’t understand. I have enjoyed working with the OTS company, specifically Hannah, and look forward to continuing our partnership. Everyone in the company has been nice and from what I can see are supportive of the operator's needs. Keep up the great work OTS. Looking forward to future endeavors with you all as time permits. Thank you all."

William Rogers
Wastewater Plant Operator

“Being unemployed is a situation that no one ever wants to go through in life. The constant stress of looking for work or interviewing, and not finding employment can sometimes be too much to bear. OTS acted as a bridge between unemployment and getting back in the workforce. The service they provided was truly a blessing for me and my family and it came at a time we needed it the most. After being out of work for just over a year, contract work allowed me to ease back into the field without the pressure of being on probation which ultimately let me find my groove and return my confidence. OTS support staff is also there every step of the way. Everything from getting you placed to meeting and fulfilling all your needs while on assignment.”

Bradley Clark
Wastewater Operator

"Looking for a new job is always stressful and generally disappointing. Once, I applied for one job over the internet. My email was blasted by every kind of employment agency you can imagine. Most are just programs trying to sell you something. When I got an email from Richard Hedges from OTS asking if I could call him and talk about possible job opportunities I was surprised. When I called and Richard actually answered the phone I almost fell out of my chair! My experience with OTS has been completely positive and Richard has genuinely worked with me to help me find employment that is suited to me and my particular skill set. I will be recommending OTS to all of my friends in the water industry."

Raymond Wagner
Water Treatment & Distribution Operator

“I would like to thank Hannah Blair and OTS LLC for providing myself with such a great opportunity to jump start my career in the water industry. They, especially Hannah, always provided me with everything I needed for my job task and constantly checked in to see if I was happy professionally and personally. I knew without a doubt I could voice my concerns or needs and not feel judged but supported. I would love to work with OTS in the future if the right opportunity presented itself. Thank you so much Hannah Blair and OTS!"

Herman Magana Bugarin
Water Utility Maintenance Worker

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